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1) "An International Cross-Sectional Study of 11,912 Consumers" 

2) "Changes in inflammatory biomarkers are related to the antidepressant effects of Ayahuasca"

3) p. 61) report that the drinking of Ayahuasca facilitates “a return ‘to the maternal womb, to the source and origin of all things



1. "PhD Long-Term Effects of Ayahuasca on the Quality of Life" 

2.  "Acute and Lasting Antidepressant Effects of Ayahuasca"

3. "Mental Health Revolution" -Bloomberg News

4. "Ayahuasca in Human Neural Stem Cells and Minibrains "

5. "DMT Documentary "

"Draulio Barros de Araujo is a professor of neuroimaging at the Brain Institute (UFRN), Natal, Brazil ...suggests that Ayahuasca is well tolerated by patients with depression,and indicate a significant lasting antidepressant effect after a single dose of Ayahuasca."

Recent Advances in the study of Ayahuasca... Conclusions:Ayahuasca modifies ordinary neural hierarchies,decreases activity of key areas of the default mode network and allows an accepting and detached view of one’s own thoughts and emotions.We argue that these mechanisms may be useful in the treatment of several psychiatric conditions.

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