Healing People, To Heal The Planet!

Ayahuasca Retreats Cancun, Mexico 2022


2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies,

2 Temazcal Sessions, Plus Cenote Swim,

All food, Water, Plus Airport Transportation,

Air Conditioned Rooms,

The Caribbean Coast,

La Riviera Maya,

Pool and Maloca Xochipilli  Center Cancun Mexico Aya de La Vid

Xochipilli Center Maloca

6 Days in Cancun, Mexico

Ayahuasca Retreat,

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Ayahuasca Cancun, Retreat Dates


 April 18th - April 23th, 2022

 May 23th - May 28th, 2022

July 25th - July 30th, 2022

Aug 22th - Aug 27th, 2022

 Sept 19th - Sept 24th, 2022

 Nov 21st - Nov 26th, 2022


Cancun Ayahuasca Retreat Pool and Palapas by Aya de La Vid

Xochipilli Pool

Xochipilli Maloca

 The Full Itinerary

Ayahuasca Brewing Healing People to Heal The Planet

"Healing People, To Heal The Planet!"

Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Aya de La Vid Ayahuasca Retreat

Arturo Ayahuascero Ayahuasca  Retreat Cancun by  Aya de La Vid

Arturo Ayahuasqero

Formal Ceremony

Incredible Sacred Music Musicians

"Best Concert Ever"

Guest Reviews

Incredible Icaros, Sacred Music,

Devotional Energy,


Ingredients of Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis Caapi, Psychotria Viridis,

Ancient Mother

Ayahuasca Integration Fire Circle

Fire Circle Integration

Buddha Art, Xochipilli Center, Cancun Mexico.


"The Experience."

2 Temazcal Ceremonies

With Ramsees, Our Maestro!

January Cancun Ayahuasca Retreat by Tony Westbrook of Aya de La Vid

Nahuatl, Sweat Lodge

Lava Rocks, Mineral Water



Cancun Ayahuasca Retreat Cenote Popol Vuh Zipline by Aya de La Vid

Cenote Zipline

Cenote Popol Vuh

Cenote Popol Vuh Quintana Roo by Tony Westbrook

Swim In The Jungle

 Meals, Drinking Water, Lodging, Pool, Hammocks, WiFi, Airport Transportation


Morning Yoga, Xochipilli Molca, Aya de La Vid Retreats, Cancun Mexico,

Xochipilli Maloca

Morning Yoga

Lauren and David, Morning Yoga, Aya de La Vid Retreats

 Lauren and David

Our Awesome, Maestros!

Our "Optional" or

"Add-On" Services,


Cancun Ayahuasca Retreat Kambo Burn by Aya de La Vid

Xochipilli Moloca

3 "optional" Kambo Sessions

 Kambo, What is it?

Maria Massage Therapist by Tony Westbrook

Maria, Simply... The Best!

Choose, up to... 3 Massages

Ayahuasca Retreat Group Cancun Mexico by Aya de La Vid

Aya de La Vid

Ayahuasca, Cancun Retreat!

Love People everywhere by Aya de La Vid

We Thank You!

Trusting,The Process!




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