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Ayahuasca Retreats Tulum, México

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Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies,

Gracias Dios Cachito de Cielo Ayahuasca Retreat Tulum by Aya de La Vid


México's Caribbean Coast,

La Riviera Maya,

Ayahuasca Retreat Tulum Group Photo by Aya de La Vid

Tulum Ayahuasca Retreat 

Cachito de Cielo

Pool Cachito de Cielo, Tulum Mexico

Pool at Cachito de Cielo,

 "Little Piece of Heaven"

 Tulum Retreat Itinerary.

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  Ayahuasca Retreat Tulum,

5 Nights, 

 2023 Dates;

September 17 - 22

Tulum Retreat Activities;

Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies,

Ingredients of Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis Caapi, Psychotria Viridis,

Ayahuasca and Chacruna,

Group Integrations,

Integration Ayahuasca Retreat Tulum Mexico by Aya de La Vid

  Three Group Integrations
Within The Maloca,

Cachito de Cielo Ayahuasa Retreat Tulum by Aya de La Vid.

Clarify Our Intentions,

Focus, The Calm

 Temazcal Aminia Cuandera Tulum 


Temazcal Ayahuasca Retreat Tulum Mexico by Aya de La Vid

Sweat Lodge

Amina Caco Ceremony Tulum Mexico

A Cacao Ceremony 

Cenote Swim Tulum, México


A Cenote Swim 

Included Amenities;

Villa Abierta Cachito de Cielo Tulum


Ayahuasca Dieta Cachito de Cielo Tulum


Eat Drink Be Happy Cachito de Cielo Tulum Mexico by Aya de La Vid

Drinking Water,


Shuttle Transportation

USA Transfers Mexico logo

From Cancun Airport

to Cachito de Cielo in Tulum.

Return Shuttle to the Cancun Airport.

Love People everywhere by Aya de La Vid

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Healing People To Heal The Planet by Aya de La Vid, Spirit of The Vine

Ayahuasca, The Preparation.

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 Healing People to Heal The Planet Aya de La Vid Ayahuasca Retreats