Healing People To Heal The Planet!

Private Ayahuasca Ceremony

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Do you need Private Retreat?

Do you need accommodation for private retreat group, women's or men retreat, spiritual community, or are an individual needing a private ayahuasca ceremony experience?

Aya de La Vid private ayahuasca ceremony locations include the countries of Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and Guatemala. We can help design your events or itinerary.

Arrange safe and private ayahuasca ceremony with Aya de La Vid, Spirit of The Vine, Ayahuasca Retreats.

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Why we suggest attending group retreats verses solo-journies.

  Ayahuasca Ceremony is "not" recreation.

Ceremony is culturally sacred, considered to be a kind of medicinal sacrament. Holy, including mentally and emotionally difficult moments of facing ego death, which may involve overwhelming perceptions, feelings, or sensations, as if physically dying.

Ayahuasca Retreat with a group of friends, even a group of strangers committing to the process of ayahuasca together, is a powerful way to feel supported. Holding space together, while everyone manages their own personal ego death moment.

Normally, people witness the benefits of ayahuasca ceremony by attending a great group retreat. Witnessing remarkable transformation in people, often new acquaintances. before and after ceremony.

After ceremony, one´s sense of self, of others, and wellness is the evidence. Of a healing reset. Demonstrating the value of ayahuasca ceremony group retreats. A sacred process of holding space collectively. A service of true fellowship, while creating life long new friends.

Join the global ayahuasca community choose an Aya de La Vid, Spirit of The Vine, Ayahuasca Retreat. 

 Healing People to Heal The Planet!

Healing People To Heal The Planet by Aya de La Vid, Spirit of The Vine 

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Healing People to Heal The Planet Aya de La Vid Ayahuasca Retreats