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Aya de La Vid

Abides by all laws regarding Ayahuasca.

Organizing retreats, only where;

Ayahuasca is legal 


not illegal.

United Nations Convention 1971

"The Convention permits traditional usages of its listed controlled substances only by traditional groups in geographically limited areas, in ceremonies or rituals, and if the state they are in made a reservation." 


From The Amazon to The Global Village

Ayahuasca, Awareness

Learning to Fly. 

The Medical,

Safety First.

Please Consult with Your Doctor.
Please Avoid Ayahuasca Contraindications

Please Avoid, certain foods during La Dieta,

Check for certian prescription medications. "Before" discontinuing SSRI prescriptions, please consult with your doctor.

Ayahuasca may contraindicate with:

Psychotic Illness, Bipolar, Nonpsychotic Mania, Family History of Schizophrenia, or certain Heart Conditions.

Ultimately, Ayahuasca brew totally overwhelms sensory experience. Including, "possibly;" intense moments of physical purging, uncomfortable emotions, difficult sensations, or certain fears of dying, dramatic changes in perception, Unusual mental imagery, both dark and light, complete out of body experience. 

Nature's Overview Effect,

"The Experience."

Healing People To Heal The Planet by Tony Westbrook of Aya de La Vid

 Ayahuasca Preparation

Aya de La Vid Spirit of The Vine by Tony Westbrook