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Ayahuasca,"The Experience."

Infinite Being Anything Is Possible

Love Transcends Duality by Tony Westbrook

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"And, I realised for the first time. This is the only genuine religious experience. I have ever had..." -Sting

 "My Ayahuasca Story 4 Ceremoinies"


"Seth - a physician - discusses his experience..."

Ayahuasca, The Science


 "Dr. Dan Engle, Integrative Psychiatrist from the US, Dan explains how ayahuasca healing reaches into the root causes and works to cleanse the system on all levels of being - physical, psychological, emotional, and energetic."

"One year ago I attended my first Ayahuasca ceremony.
Has it changed anything?"


 "6-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates... opens up about preparing for an ayahuasca experience, his ceremonies at Soltara, owning your path and connecting to your inner power," 


"A Place For Humans Podcast; #19"

"Journey To The Center of My Soul"

"Open Your Heart

To All That Is"

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