Healing People, To Heal The Planet!

Aya de La Vid Legal Disclaimer

Aya de La Vid,

Spirit of The Vine.

Organizes and Facilitates,

Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreats,

According to the;

United Nations Convention 1971

"The Convention permits traditional usages of its listed controlled substances only by traditional groups in geographically limited areas, in ceremonies or rituals, and if the state they are in made a reservation." 


Ceremony is Legal


"not" Illegal.

Healing People To Heal The Planet by Tony Westbrook of Aya de La Vid

Aya de La Vid

 Our Terms & Conditions

Medical Awareness

Safety First.

The Brew Ayahuasca

 Eventually, causes intense sensory experience.


uncomfortable emotions,

Difficult thoughts or Feelings of Dying,

Overwhelming sensations,


Intense Processing, What is Self?

Dark or Light, Vivid Mental Imagery.

 Out of Body Experience,

Essential Connection,

The Ineffable.

Something like,

Nature's Overview Effect.


The Preparation

Aya de La Vid Spirit of The Vine by Tony Westbrook