Healing People, To Heal The Planet!

Aya de La Vid Legal Disclaimer

Aya da La Vid Spirit of The Vine Ayahuasca Retreats
Aya de La Vid,

Spirit of The Vine.

Organizes and Facilitates,

Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreats,

Ayahuasca is consumed exclusively for traditional ceremonial purposes, and with a careful screening of retreat participants. The intention of Aya de la Vid is to provide a sacred holy space for authentic Ayahuasca Ceremony, only.

According to the;

United Nations Convention 1971

"The Convention permits traditional usages of its listed controlled substances only by traditional groups in geographically limited areas, in ceremonies or rituals, and if the state they are in made a reservation." 

Healing People To Heal The Planet by Aya de La Vid, Spirit of The Vine

Aya de La Vid

 Our Terms & Conditions

Medical Preparation.

Safety, First.

Ayahuasca, The Brew is Intensely Psychoactive.

1. Please Consult, Your Doctor;

Especially, before discontinuing SSRI prescriptions.

Please, "No" SSRI meds 6-4 weeks,

before Ayahuasca Ceremony.

2. Please, read guidlines;

Ayahuasca Contraindications

3. Please follow;

La Dieta.

4. Please Indicate;

Any History of :

Psychotic Illness, Bipolar, Non-psychotic Mania,

Family History of Schizophrenia, or Heart Conditions.

Please, Understand! 
Ayahuasca, The Brew. 


A kind of death.

A kind of birth.

Moments of totality,

All natural,

An ultimate experience.

"The Overview Effect" 


The Preparation


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Healing People to Heal The Planet Aya de La Vid Ayahuasca Retreats